Our Story

If you are a collector who is tired of superheroes and robots and have a desire for characters with personality or distinctive figures, then you are the real target audience of Zenpunk.

Today there is a myriad of comics, animation, games, television, films, videos, action figures and other media which are growing unprecedentedly; on the other hand, it is always the case that fans love certain movies or games but unable to find good quality figure collectibles.

Zenpunk has recognised this potential of market demand, particularly those less popular but very unique and creative figures that almost no one pays any attention to. At the same time there are innumerable creative artists across the globe with limited means to utilise their talents to generate their own original prototypes. While many companies are trying to fill in this gap linking the market needs to the creative talents of artists, there are very few succeeded.

Recognising this gap, Zenpunk has targeted this niche market and aims to provide solutions in three ways.

1. For the characters: increasing the popularities and generating more value for investors;

2. For the artists: a new platform for talented artists to showcase their works and a highway into the industry;

3. For the players: draw an end to the criticism of availability, as they are finally able to own their desired figure collectibles.

Zenpunk, creative designs no longer wasting, talented artists no longer waiting, players no longer complaining!

Everything is from our passion for art, nothing more nothing less!

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