" Simon is not only a great guy, but he is probably one of the most gifted sculptors alive now. I respect him, admire his work, his creativity and his amazing sculpting talent.I can’t think of a better person to be involved." ——Wayne Barlowe,

“I remember the first time seeing a copy of Wayne's book a Brushfire in a bookstore. I was immediately hooked.I was amazed by the world building, the interesting design and the unique vision, you know, put in front of readers. It was both hellish and fantastic!" ——Simon Lee

The East and The West,

Two Dark Art Masters.

One Legend Team,

Open the Gate of Hell,

Bring the Fallen Legion Fall in the World...

Barlowe's most recent project sees thecollaboration between him and our Zenpunk team, assisting in the creation ofour proudly presented BARLOWE'S HELL figure collectibles; this is the firsttime Wayne has agreed to bring his favourite world-building masterpiece to lifeas a collection. Rendering his artwork in meticulous and faithful 3D brings aunique and powerful perspective to Barlowe's decades of work and exploration ofHell. So come with us on this infernal journey to experience the storm fromHell.

Barlowe’s Hell project was Designed by Wayne Barlow,Sculptured by Simon Lee, Production and distribution by Zenpunk Collectibles.


"Simon Lee is in a category all by himself. His sense of drama and raw power make him the Frazetta of monster sculpting and the elegance and specificity of his designs give his creations gravity and realism. A true master!"

Guillermo del Toro, Director

Pacific Rim, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy

Simon Lee is a Los Angeles based concept designer and sculptor for feature films.

Some of his more notable works include Guillermo del Toro's "PACIFIC RIM" (2013), "THE STRAIN" (2014), Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic "NOAH" (2014), Angelina Jolie's "MALEFICENT" (2014), and Doug Liman's "EDGE OF TOMORROW" (2014) starring Tom Cruise.

Simon has contributed his design and sculptural work to projects for such clients as Warner Brothers, Legendary Pictures, Disney, Disney Toons, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Fox, Bungie, and Coca-Cola.

In addition to concept design work for films, Simon also teaches a sculpture and design class to professional artists out of his studio in Alhambra, California (about 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles).

Simon has taught artists from Valve, Blizzard, Blur, Digital Domain, Disney, Gentle Giant, Infinity Ward, HydraulX, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Sony etc. He is available for creature design, character concept developement, sculptural designs, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations. You can contact him via email for availability check.


“Wayne Barlowe’s prose Hell is every bit as strange, terrifying and bizarrely beautiful as his painting, and that’s saying something.”

Mike Mignola,

creator of Hellboy

“Wayne Barlowe designs the trippiest aliens out there.”

James Cameron


Wayne Barlowe is a world-renowned author and artist who hascreated images and stories for books, films, TV, games and galleries.

Barlowe has a remarkable list of credits to his name withinvolvement in a number of Hollywood's high-profile films such as Avatar,Pacific Rim, the Harry Potter series, the Hellboy series, Blade II and GalaxyQuest. In addition to contributions on many television shows, he was theexecutive producer of Alien Planet, a 2005 Discovery Channel television specialbased on his book EXPEDITION. And, in yet another medium, he has done gamedesign for PROTOTYPE, DANTE'S INFERNO and SHADOW OF MORDOR.

Adding to these achievements, Barlowe's art books - EXPEDITION, BARLOWE'S GUIDE TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS, BARLOWE'S GUIDE TO FANTASY, BARLOWE'SINFERNO, BRUSHFIRE: Illuminations from the Inferno, THE ALIEN LIFE OF WAYNEBARLOWE and AN ALPHABET OF DINOSAURS-have garnered him world-wide acclaim. Hisfirst novel, GOD'S DEMON, was released by Tor Books to critical acclaim. He iswriting the sequel to that successful work entitled, THE HEART OF HELL.Barlowe's talents have also been employed in the creation of hundreds ofpaperback covers for all of the major publishers and magazine illustrations for LIFE, TIME and NEWSWEEK. Currently, he is co-producing and art directing hisfirst film, CRYPTOZOO, based on one of his original screenplays. The incrediblework list just continues...

Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist

Wayne Barlowe shares his experience with creature design and environment building, as well as the importance of keeping both scientifically accurate.

Simon Lee (Spiderzero) - Monster Maker Interview with the Frazetta of Character Sculpture

In this exclusive interview, Simon discusses his decision at age 40 after working as a successful web developer and programmer to follow his passion and become a full-time sculptor.

the Barlowe's Hell first trailer

Barlowe’s Hell comes from The famous dark artist Wayne Barlowe's novel < God's Domen > story and painting works by famous Hollywood based sculptor Simon Lee sculpture, Zenpunk Collectibles team jointly produced, dedicated to the world of darkness art lovers!

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